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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Speech December 05, 2012

Jordan J. Cruz

Mrs. D. Quichocho

Writing Workshop

December 04, 2012

Final Speech

Writing Workshop with Mrs. D. Quichocho, “A learning Experience”

I am here to present my final speech about the Writing Workshop with Mrs. Quichocho. First, I 

would like to talk about my first day. Then, I would like to speak about a few of the things that I have 

learned in class. I learned about how to take notes, how to write paragraphs, how to use words 

correctly, and become a better writer. 

My first day in Mrs. Quichocho’s class was the same as any other first day. I met some new 

people and even had some of my old classmates from other classes. Mrs. Quichocho called the class to 

attention and introduced herself. She told all of us to do the same.The students from the back row 

started first. When the student beside me was almost finished with her introduction, I became nervous to 

introduce myself. After she was done I stood up for my turn. I was not sure what to say until Mrs. 

Quichocho had said a couple things about me. That is when the words hit me and I was able to speak.

We took thirty minutes to finish our introduction. There was this one guy named Charles, he told 

us that he was there in class to learn how to become a perfect writer. He wanted to write a book like the 

one Ky Mani Marley called “Dear Dad”. When Charles spoke the class was interested. We were 

amazed about how he introduced him self to the class. It was like he took the class before.

Our first assignment was to present three items and our school bags. The assignment was to tell the 

class why the items were very important to us. The assignment was similar to show and tell.  I had done 

this before, so I used the same presentation I had done in my other class. The items I used to present 

were a guitar pick, a notebook, and head phones. The items were important to me because I could use 

them to practice my music. I use my notebook to write the chords and lyrics from the internet so I can 

practice playing on my guitar. My guitar pick is important because it shows I love to play guitar on my 

spare time. The head phones was a way for me to block out people and unwanted sounds. 

One of the first things we learned was how to write a paragraph. After we wrote a short 

paragraph, Mrs. Quichocho gave us a paragraph quiz the next day. The quiz was timed at seven 

minutes or less. I was impressed with myself because I wrote my paragraph in seven minutes and one 

second. I think Mrs. Quichocho was also impressed because she told me that the paragraph I wrote was 

really good. There were about five other students who were able to make the ending time for the quiz. 

We also learned how to use words correctly. Some ways we learned how to use words correctly 

included vocabulary, fill in the blank, and even worksheets that had us choose words that  fit sentences 

properly. My favorite way to learn how to use words correctly was fill in the blank. It was my favorite 

because it was an easier way for me to understand words. 

In the class I learned how to take very good notes. My notes has helped me to remember ways to 

write successfully. I wrote notes often. My notes helped me in both of my classes. You would not 

believe how good notes are until you try not having it when you are trying to study for a test. I learned 

how to take notes by listening very carefully or waiting for Mrs. Quichocho to write notes on the board. 

Writing notes in her class was very useful because you need it for a pop quiz or an open notes test.

I like to write, but therre are times where I honestly do not know what to write. I do want to 

become a better writer and sometimes I even want to become someone who is able to write stories. To 

me writing is a time to think and is a time to write about anything that comes into my head. Sometimes I 

find it easier to write all my thoughts down when I am frustrated, angry, or sad. When I write it makes it 

easier for me to calm down. When I write this way, the words do not make sense, but at least my nerves 

calm down and so does my stress.

The writing workshop with Mrs. Quichocho was really a challenge for me because I do not think I 

am a good writer. I want to be able to write better than how I write now. I am happy I took this class 

because I learned how to write notes, paragraphs, and most importantly speeches. Writing is a challenge 

for me, but this class has helped me to get better.

Written speech/Video

What's up every body, I'm here to give a speech about what I have learned in this class.

Going into this class I had a feeling I would dislike it, i basically judged a book by it's cover.

After the first session of class, i felt at ease. I understood what Mrs.Q was talking about, but slightly.

At first I'm sure most of us were rusty with our writing, or at least for the people that were just starting that class.

The writing lessons Mrs.Q provided for us were a challenge at times.

Just when I think I understood it, I get almost everything wrong.

I learned the difference between incomplete sentences and complete sentences.

Fragments and run on sentences were the tricky ones, but I think I have it down to the science.

When it came down to our first speech, or i believe it was the second speech, not sure.

But for our "It's in the bag speech" I was really nervous doing that, but my classmates were very supportive of my speech, which kinda made me relax a little bit, I was still shaken up a bit after my speech though, just letting you know.

When we had our first pre-test essay, 60 minutes to write five paragraphs, i was struggling, i didn't know what to do exactly, my outline clusters were pretty bad, my supporting details werent all there, i was missing a few sentences here and there. But overall I got a 78% but like Mrs.Q said, it had to be a 90 or better, so i failed that one.

In writing class I also learned that just writing anything will make you a better writer, as long as your knowledge is there and you're not writing nonsense.

When Mrs.Q taught us the outline clusters once more, i understood it much better, right after she taught us how to do it once more and we had another essay test i finished in about 20 minutes.

The 15 poems we did we're easy, the multiple voices were not and I apologize to my group for letting you down.

I really love doing these poems, I wish I was there for the poetry slam, once again my apologies for I was sick.

Since I wasn't there I was hoping I could recite one of my poems here on this video/text blog, so here goes something..

This is my list poem

breaking something
rolled my fenders
tires rubbing
speed bump hating
skid plate making
use street signs marked 20-something
leaking trans
cracked oil pans
throwing sparks down in ipan
broken diff, but it's not slip
getting stuck in dips and stuff
got coilovers, static's tight
got 4 doors and dont give rides
My honda civic's about to die
because of stuff I do for the low life

I really liked the list poem because of what we were able to do with it, Mrs.Q really goes into detail with all of the poems we've had to do, the acrostic poem and ABC poem were a little bit tough but I managed to get it done.

In the middle of the semester I noticed the work getting a bit harder, not only where we already writing speeches and complete sentences, we started writing paragraphs, and then we slowly moved into essays.

Contrary to what a lot of people say, writing courses are really helpful.  It’s not necessarily just learning the technical skills. There are also many aspects of the class you can be exposed to.  This semester we were all introduced to basically all the necessities of writing.

We basically built structure upon just writing, we leanred right and wrong from writing anything.

I've seen some of my classmates use the outline cluster technique for other classes, such as communication classes.

Writing is really a trade, mostly everyone can do it, and can only get better at it.

I'm really thankful for this course for I have really learned a lot.

Writing Lessons, speeches, outline clusters, supporting details, main ideas, closing sentence, these are all really helpful when writing, i never knew something so simple had so much science behind it.

When we had out second speech, about something that was really important to us i was really excited for this speech.

I finished my draft in a couple of minutes, i showed it to Mrs.Q and she said I have a knack for story telling, that only inspired me to write a lot more.

I originally had a 5 minute speech for our "Important things about us" speech, not exactly sure what the real title was for that speech so I just had to improvise for a bit there.

For that speech I spoke about street-art, I was amazed at the feedback you all had for it, I wasn't ready for questions at all, but thank you for the questions and positive feedback.

Back to when Mrs.Q said I have a knack for story telling, it made me want to visit the more sentimental side of me, for some reason I'm able to make people cry just from story telling or telling stuff from my past, everyone has that one specific story they tell to everyone and maybe someday I'll share that story with all of you, just not here, not now.

Another important thing I learned in class are DRAFTS, Drafts are thee most important thing, without a draft you would have a story without a back bone, that's my opinion at least.

Without a draft you can't have a solid story, that's the main point to a story, basically no draft, no story.

I liked how Mrs.Q always checked our drafts, even if it was crappy she would give us advice on how to make it better than what it originally was.

In my opinion, Mrs.Q has showed all of us that we are all story tellers, we all have a story to tell and that we should always keep writing.

We write every day and it can sometimes be painful, but we pull through and it is always worth it in the end, unless it's Math class.

I'm really thankful for this class and this specific instructor, I have learned a lot since the beginning.

My knowledge about writing has increased and shall only advance from here on out.

Knowledge is power, and writing is knowledge, as they say, the pen is mightier than a sword.

I would definitely take this class again, but as long as it's a much more advanced class, I believe I am ready.

Thank you Mrs.Q for teaching us, you are very awesome.

Good day everyone, good day.

Class Videoooo

Here's the video!!!

 I'm currently uploading my 6 minute speech video, but that will be up in a few hours.

What's Mrs.Q's e-mail? anyone know?

Watch in High Definition for better quality

By the way, the video is unlisted, meaning only people with the link can see it.

Monday, December 3, 2012


Last day of class was tonight, I had fun.

I got to film and am already editing the video.

It should be up within a couple of hours.

Over viewing, the footage and it looks good.

The games were fun and pretty funny seeing most of you with the rings lol

I'll post another blog when the video is up.

Fast kine last blog

So...tonight was really interesting. We played games to earn credit for our grade as well as we had to bring some sort of dish. Although, this it my last blog...I'm thinking about starting one to express what I do and how I feel everyday. I love this class and everything I learned from it. Thank you, Mrs. Q. You have taught me so much.


Today is the last day of class and I'm glad I took my post test to see where I stand . We played games and our team had won. But we generously gave our extra points to the other time. We could all use the extra credit :) well fellow class mates its been a great run nice to have had a class with you all! Thank you Mrs. Quichocho for being an amazing teacher :)

Last day of class!

Today is the last day of class. I hope I passed all my classes. It's been a fun semester, and I hope to be back next semester. I learned so much from this class. I gained a few friends and some acquaintances. So far, I'm satisfied.

The presentations & Poems

Well, the presentations went really well. I was proud that my group shocked the rest of the class who doubted or underestimated us, I guess because we're all guys. Haha, anyway I am glad that everything is all over, well almost everything. The poetry slam was awesome! I loved everyone's poems and most of all, I think everybody did a good job on their parts. This course has taught me a lot in writing and I am glad to have learned from such a successful, hard-working teacher who deserves a bottle of that (clears throat), yeah you know what I am talking about. Haha, but thanks to her, Mrs. Q., I can believe I can now say that I am ready to move on to the next level in education and further more to come.

Hey Everyone

My sincerest apologies for missing class, double shifts at work and covering coworkers.

I haven't posted my blogs since my internet has been down.

I won't be able to view any replies from my classmates since I will be in work throughout the morning, then school as soon as I get off from work.

I know we've had a lot of assignments since that last class I attended, I've gotten most of them done.

but please, if anyone can update me on more information, please text me if possible 482-5714

'll be at work, but still finishing up other assignments from other classes as well as this class.

This semester has passed within the blink of an eye.

oh and for the updates, can you tell me the poems that we will be RECITING in class, the poems that deal with whatever we want to speak of, vulgarity included is necessary.

Thursday, November 29, 2012

NOV.28 - Final Project Presentation

My Final Speech

Good evening everyone, I’m Juliana.

“I didn't say it was going to be easy, I told you it was going to be worth it.” - A quote I live by.

     I’m up here to do my final project presentation. It’s relevant because it is an important part of my final grade. Three things that I have learned and accomplished are the paragraph drills, writing lessons, and the blogs.

     The first thing I learned and accomplished were the paragraph drills. When I first learned about writing paragraphs, I thought it would be hard considering the fact that I always struggled trying to find a topic. Then, Mrs. Quichocho gave us paragraph drill after she taught the class her “Outline Cluster.” After we were taught, it was then that I realized that writing paragraphs would be easy. Since then, I have gotten better at writing paragraphs and faster, so I have accomplished doing paragraph drills.

The second thing I have l learned and accomplished were the writing lessons. First, we would get the writing lessons and read the information given. Second, we would then answer the questions pertaining to the information given within the lesson. Finally, when we corrected it as a class and we would ask questions if something didn't seem right. I’m glad Mrs. Quichocho gave us those lessons, I’ll admit there was some information that I didn't know about writing until I did a lesson. Therefore, I know I learned from the lessons and have accomplished them.

     The first time I heard that we will be doing blogs in this class, I didn't know what to expect besides the fact that it dealt with using the computer. After I was taught how to do it, I thought to myself “ WOW… it’s that simple?!” I've never done blogs in my whole life. It only took about 5 minutes to do it. I wrote about what I learned in each class session with Mrs. Q, and my experiences, along with a picture that describes the paragraph. Each blog had to be a paragraph long with proper punctuation and grammar. Blogging actually helps with my writing in so many different ways also. I found blogging to be fun because it always gave me an excuse to be on the computer even when I’m busy.

Altogether, I have learned and accomplished paragraph drills, writing lessons, and the blogs. Like I mentioned before, I’m up here to do my final project presentation. Thank you all for listening. Good night!