1. Must Blog for each class session.

2. Must be a minimum of five complete sentences.

3. Must have correct spelling and punctuation.

4. Must attach a photo that resonates your Blog post.

5. Must comment to at least one of your classmates Blog post.


Thursday, November 29, 2012

NOV.28 - Final Project Presentation

My Final Speech

Good evening everyone, I’m Juliana.

“I didn't say it was going to be easy, I told you it was going to be worth it.” - A quote I live by.

     I’m up here to do my final project presentation. It’s relevant because it is an important part of my final grade. Three things that I have learned and accomplished are the paragraph drills, writing lessons, and the blogs.

     The first thing I learned and accomplished were the paragraph drills. When I first learned about writing paragraphs, I thought it would be hard considering the fact that I always struggled trying to find a topic. Then, Mrs. Quichocho gave us paragraph drill after she taught the class her “Outline Cluster.” After we were taught, it was then that I realized that writing paragraphs would be easy. Since then, I have gotten better at writing paragraphs and faster, so I have accomplished doing paragraph drills.

The second thing I have l learned and accomplished were the writing lessons. First, we would get the writing lessons and read the information given. Second, we would then answer the questions pertaining to the information given within the lesson. Finally, when we corrected it as a class and we would ask questions if something didn't seem right. I’m glad Mrs. Quichocho gave us those lessons, I’ll admit there was some information that I didn't know about writing until I did a lesson. Therefore, I know I learned from the lessons and have accomplished them.

     The first time I heard that we will be doing blogs in this class, I didn't know what to expect besides the fact that it dealt with using the computer. After I was taught how to do it, I thought to myself “ WOW… it’s that simple?!” I've never done blogs in my whole life. It only took about 5 minutes to do it. I wrote about what I learned in each class session with Mrs. Q, and my experiences, along with a picture that describes the paragraph. Each blog had to be a paragraph long with proper punctuation and grammar. Blogging actually helps with my writing in so many different ways also. I found blogging to be fun because it always gave me an excuse to be on the computer even when I’m busy.

Altogether, I have learned and accomplished paragraph drills, writing lessons, and the blogs. Like I mentioned before, I’m up here to do my final project presentation. Thank you all for listening. Good night!



my lyric poem

here's the first song that I ever wrote.. !!it's a really short song bored!

Lyric Poem

                                                           Not Meant To BE” by: Destiny Chargualaf

The first time I saw you
I fell in love
I knew that you were sent from up above
You didn’t know me
And I didn’t know you
But I knew we loved each other
It could be so true

We made each other happy
And we made each other smile
We had a lot of good times
But we only lasted for awhile
I don’t know why this always happens to me
But I’ll say it once again
Were just not meant to be

So we gave each other a chance
And spent all night holding hands
For some reason I know you knew
I’m always happy when I’m with you
You showed me that you cared
The way you showed me was really rare
I never thought I’d find love so true
Until the day that I found you

We made each other happy
And we made each other smile
We had a lot of good times
But we only lasted for awhile
I don’t know why this always happens to me
But I’ll say it once again
Were just not meant to be
Last nights class was AWESOME!! I did my final speech and it was a good outcome.
After all the speeches, we did our multiple voice poems. It was hilarious!! when I went up to do my individual poem, i decided to read 2 of them out of the 15 that i did. I read my free style poem and my I AM poem. I'm so glad that Mrs.Q liked it. I love writing poems, I wanted to read more but I was afraid that if I kept going, it would become more personal...Now, i'm excited to go to class on Monday !! why?? because it's POTLUCK MONDAY!! yummy :p


Last night, in class, was fun! I totally forgot about having to go to class early, so I had to present my speech in front of the class. At first I was nervous while reading my paper, but I got through it. Then, we had to do our multiple voices poem. My group and I had a good time presenting, giggling and all. Finally, we did the poetry slam. I presented my ABC Poem, Nostalgia. It was about movies that I enjoyed since I was a kid, and that made me laugh and enjoy the movies or television shows. I enjoyed everybody's presentations and multiple voices! I'm glad I had this class, I met some pretty amazing people!


Thank you Mrs. Quichocho for everything! I'll be sure to use what I have learned in future assignments.

MRS.Q !!!

sorry Mrs.Q but I apparently put both of my printed copies of my speech in my portfolio. If you don't mind if you have the time can you please take a picture of it and send it to my so I can post it online with a video! I would greatly appreciate it your time. I am so sorry to bother you during your time off :(

11/29/12 - April Salas /Speech/Multiple voices/poetry slam :)

I'm glad Mrs.Q liked my narrative poem in my speech :) You can give yourself many pats on the back teach you did a great job ! We got through our speech tonight, our multiple voices and poetry slam. I wish I stayed the other 30 minutes but apparently mommy duties called. I was so nervous because I know Mrs.Q expected to us to memorize our speech and I noticed everyone was reading their' it's okay Mrs. Q I am most positive that we all will walk away from your class with better understanding about your introduction to an easy way to write a 5 paragraph Essay. And our writing skills are improved, I won't forget your fanancy teaching skill, I loved every moment of learning what you had to teach us :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

final speech

                                           Hi my name is kayalani Benavente
Today i will like to talk about what i learned this semester in writing class. First of all i learned how to spell more words i also learned how to make sentences using punctations and exclamation points. I have learned to write essays by writing the way i speak. I have learned to comprehend what i read with others and in groups. Taking this class has helped me to talk and listen more.

                   Narrative Poem
I have learned so many things this semester i have learned to use consonants more often in my sentences. And in this has made me have more self-confidence in myself and others. I have learned to amend the way i speak by taking this class. And now when i am reading a book or doing class work i fend because taking this class has taught me new things. Now i don't feel like a freak speaking in front of a huge crowd. I have also learned to do eassy's on topics that i learned.

Writing Workshop EN 067-01

"Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen." -Bob Marley

       Writing Workshop is challenging, yet fun. I learned a lot in this writing class. My teacher, Mrs. Q., is a great teacher. She taught me many useful things that I'm going to need in life. She taught me how to create a speech, write an essay, and write different types of poetry. Therefore, Writing Workshop is challenging, but can be fun.

       First, Writing Workshop class taught me how to create a speech. Writing a speech is similar to writing an essay, just a bit simpler. So forth, I had to write and present a speech about my bag and three things in my bag. The whole point of the assignment was to tell the class a little bit about myself. Later, Writing Workshop taught me how to write an essay within sixty minutes. Writing an essay is easy if you follow the steps, brainstorm and start your outline. Writing Workshop class taught me how to create a speech and write an essay with ease.

It Isn't Traditional

Is it poetry?
Is it a narrative?
Is it part haiku,
With a dose of prose?
Who knows?
Is it what it should be?
And is it possible what should be,
Isn't and has never been.
And those wishing to see it,
Expressed properly as intended..
Have not a clue,
What those initial intentions meant.
Was it created to communicate,
Between elitists who preferred eating cake?
As they delighted in making fun,
Of the ones too socially powerful.
To know what behind their backs was being done?
Who knows?

Why is it today,
Anyone can say...
To decide to justify,
What etiquette abides?
When one chooses a method,
Using limited words to mention.

What from their own minds,
They describe and 'they' themselves wish to define.

And it is...
And it is...
A narrative.
And it is...
A dose of prose.
With a touch of haiku.
With a doing done as one would choose.

'But it isn't traditional.'

And what are those traditions,
You can say today,
Remains as an influence.
And 'still' exists?
Name just one!

- Lawrence S. Pertillar

       Finally, Writing Workshop taught me how to create and present a speech, write an essay, and write different types of poetry. Writing Workshop is fun and can be challenging. If you take this class, I'll guarantee you'll learn a lot. Now, thank you for listening. Have a great night and an awesome break!


I am very glad to have finished my speech and on time. I couldn't be more proud of myself to have accomplished so much in such little time. I also enjoyed watching the two of my classmates who presented their speeches as well. They did a really good job on their parts.This semester has been much of a benefit to my writing skills and I look forward to using them in the future. College is my goal for now and I hope to have Mrs. Quichocho as my mentor in becoming an English teacher, or so she says. But for now, I am glad to have learned a lot in writing, especially from her. Here is the link to my video:

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

I couldn't make it to class last night because my daughters were both sick..but iv'e been practicing my speech just so I can make sure I get it down. I really hope I don't mess up!! I'm super excited about the multiple voice poem tomorrow. My group and I have been practicing for weeks for this.. It should be fun!!


Last class, we did some presentations. Three people presented their final speeches. I liked their speeches, all of them were so good. After presentations, we had time to work on our multiple voices or other papers. I forgot my final speech, so I have to go to class early tomorrow night to present it, along with the others who forgot their final speeches. I hope I can memorize it, I'm scared to mess up. I've always got nervous in front of a class, knowing all their eyes are on me. I'm not one to want all the spotlight, so I hope I do good. I can't wait to do our multiple voices poem though, about Christmas.

Friday, November 23, 2012

A night to remember....

November 21, 2012

This was a night I would never forget. As I class started, we were required to do a few things. First, we had to come up with a rubrics that was to average our grades from the Pre-test the way to the last lesson of the semester. I averaged around a B so am proud that I at least made it close to an A. Next, we had to organize everything in our portfolios, which took about nearly the whole class period. Thank God I am done with all that, or at least most! Later, Mrs. Quichocho called us up one by one to tell us our grades. This was a moment that I will never forget. First, after so many times of telling me to 'Re-Organize" my portfolio, it was finally accomplished with the help of my friend Juliana Guerrero! Next, Mrs. Q. called me up to see what I was averaging, and the look on her face was priceless. When I saw what I was averaging, I laughed unbelievably. Of all the grades that I expected to be averaging, I never thought I would average an....... Well, until next time guys! ;)

Thursday, November 22, 2012

Last nights class, we got our portfolio together.We organized each lesson we did and added up the scores. After the lessons, we had to put together our specches and everything else.Then we were reminded about outr project that is due next week Monday and Wednesday.So much to little time :0 I know I was supposed to put up a picture of me reading to kids for Thanksgiving, but I couldn't do that..So heres a little picture for ya'll!

happy thanksgiving to all...11-19-12

ThanksGiving day is here 
That we make laughs and have a cheer
The lord above will always pray for us 
The things we say and the things we do 
We all have love for each and every one of you
Our mother is here and ready to eat as we say grace 
By the lords name 
Bless us O’lord and these we give 
which we are about to receive from thy bounty
through christ our lord AMEN.
We love you Lord

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Poems, Speech., and Grades.

On this night, we did our post test for the semester. I didn't do as well as I thought I should. I blame it on my impatience. My group is really behind on the poems. I showed them my poem and told them that it really isn't that difficult. If they don't have their poems written down by today, it is really going to cost me my graduation, and in the end, myself is to be blamed. I really need to sit down and have a talk with my group members, because not having their poems done by today, is unacceptable. I just hope that I can pull these guys together and get this one simple task done. 


Last class, we did our post test. It was going over everything we learned in the previous lessons. I guess I did okay with a seventy-eight percent, but it's definitely not my best. At least I tried my best, but hopefully I core better with my speech and poems. The deadline is coming up fast, so I'm working on my speech and trying to remember it.


Last class we read lessons nineteen and twenty. We also went over our final speech, which is due on the twenty-eighth. I have like three more poems to get done, which I'm doing right now before class tonight. I'm not very good at writing poems,but I tried to make it good. I prefer to be the person reading a poem though.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Final Speech & Presentations

In another interesting night of our writing class, we were given our final speech. We are required to come up with a speech that will be presented to the class as a final project for this semester. I am excited to do this and looking forward to the presentations. After, Mrs. Q. made me participate in some substituting to the class on lessons 17 and 18, which went pretty well for my first time as a substitute. Maybe I should become an teacher and teach in English. ;) haha Maybe. 

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Mrs. Quichocho's class lastnight was great. I went into class, and read lessons 19-20, because the 2 lessons only required reading. Afterwards, we found out about our final speech presentation, which has to be memorized!!In my head I was like " OMG, I wonder if I can pull it off." We also have to post our final presentation on blog. I found it a bit overwhelming because it's all due in the same week.Wish me luck!

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Today in class we read lesson 19 and 20 which is great cause it will help us on are post test that we will be having. after we discuss what needed to be turned in and our poetry slam. ai adai just when I thought I was finish and ready, SURPRISE! one more thing I need to get done. which is my project presentation.




Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last nights class went by pretty fast.I showed up to class like an hour early with 2 other of my classmates, so we got to do lessons 17 and 18.It took me awhile because I had to write the sentences for one of the lessons.When I was done with my lesson, Juliana, Daunelle, and I, went outside to practice our multiple voice poem.It was hilarious!!We were also told that we could leave class 30 minutes early after this class for field research ;) But all in all...Class was good last night.


I went to class early with Destiny and Daunelle. We passed our math test, so we were aloud to leave early. We all decided to go to Mrs. Quichocho's class to work on our multiple voices poem on Christmas. We practiced our poem after doing Lesson 17 and Lesson 18. We kept laughing because it sounded funny. We hope the class likes it as much as we do!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Writing today we did lesson 17and18.


Today in lass we did our lessons 17 and 18 I think I did good. we also had to take a survey for school. I'm really trying to finish all these poems almost done. I'm just taking it a day at a time. so far I'm on the last poem then I need to get started on poem number 14 and 15 yeah buddy! almost Finish. 

Christmas Season

Well today was just another great day of our writing class and we as a class are basically a lesson ahead. I can't wait to present our presentation on our "Multiple Voice" poems as a group. I'm actually pretty stoked about it! I guess it's because I need to get the grades required in order to pass the class. We're not done yet, but am pretty sure we'll be ready to present on time. I am glad that the class agreed to come up with a multiple voice poem about Christmas. I believe Christmas is the most celebrated holiday of the year and is by far the easiest one to come up with any kind of poem, at least from my perspective. So until later, I'll be blogging more about it!

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Last nights class was fun! We did lesson 16, which I found to be quite easy.I made a good score on it too!Then, me, Daunelle,and Juliana went outside and practiced our christmas song for the multiple voice poem.It was freaken awesome and hilarious.I can't wait until it's time to present it!!

Nov. 05, 2012

Tonight, we did lesson 16 and it was pretty funny. I can't believe I got 'lead' and 'led' mixed up. I can't wait till we do our multiple voices poem. Our multiple voices poem is comedy and so hilarious that we're going to have to practice hard and not laugh so much. There are so much poems to do but I can do a lot of writing.

Slam Poetry Links

My favorite: He goes by the name of Noah. Very talented and very heart spoken, hard slamming poet. Hearing his first slam poem...I understood everything he said.

A local artist I chose is: Steven Kasala. He did a poem on how he didn't know how to do poems and how he thought poems were just a bunch of stanzas put together to rhyme. Teachers helped him for 2 months to put together a slamming poem and he talked about life as well as his grandmother. He put into poetry about how its going to be okay when you lose someone and it being okay, and that person being okay. Loved his poetry slam.

Multiple voices: I chose this multiple voice poem because it talks about hard labors that has went on in the past. They referred to their owners as "masters."





Tonight in class we did Lesson 16. And I only got one wrong, so I was happy. My group and I practiced and went over our multiple voices and it's coming along great! We're actually a day ahead with the lessons, so on our last day we get to decide what we're going to do as a class. I had fun in class tonight, it's too bad our class will be ending soon.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Youtube Videos : This video is my favorite because she raps about the Truth about what is happening on Guam and what'll happen in the future to our island. : This video is of a local artist by the name of John S.. I chose his video because he also talks about Guam's situation with the Children and the island's culture. : I chose this video of a multiple voice poem because they talk about some really strong stuff about the status on Guam.

Friday, November 2, 2012

poetry slam links

my favorite :
I choose him because he's really open about alot of things, which makes him interesting to watch.
local artist:
multiple voices:

Youtube Links

Brave New Voices Team Guahan

     This is my favorite because it relates to our generation. I like what they had to say about relationships because most, if not all, of what they spoke were true. 

     I figured these two could be considered local artists. I like this poem because they talk about Guam's history. They talked about the some of the history of Guam with the Spanish. They stated how they joined to get their (Guam) message out there so it can be heard.

     I liked this multiple voices poem because they talked about the military build up. About how Japan has been fighting to get rid of military bases that the United States are going to build on Guam. They also talk about how Uncle Sam contradicts himself and how he plans on putting a shooting range on ancestral land. "How do you expect to preserve beauty with brutality?"


The other night in class, went by quickly. We did a lesson, as usual, and I got four wrong. I guess that's ok, but I need to check. Next, we went over the multiple voices poem, and so the group I'm in chose the Twelve Days of Christmas. We had two stanzas done, I believe. Destiny and Daunelle want to sing to it, but I'm going to sound horrible singing. So, I hope we can read it instead.