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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock ;)

Well today was a short day of lessons, poems, & projects. First as always, we are required to do a Lesson Quiz on a daily basis. It went pretty well and had only about two errors out of a total of 20 problems. Next we went over the "Multiple Voice" poem. This was a poem that included 3-4 members in a group to come up with a poem that required all participants to present their poems in a sequential format, I think. Our group decided to do the famous Christmas song, "Jingle Bell Rock" and turn into a Multiple Voice Poem and will be ready to present in a week or two. Finally, Mrs. Q, our wonderful teacher, gave the class a project that required us to go on "YouTube"  and find 3 poems that we have to Blog about. So until Wednesday, I will be talking more about it. Later.

Oct. 24, 2012

On this day, we went over other types of poems right after finishing our "Daily Lessons". Mrs. Q. went over the instructions briefly and am pretty sure she made it clear about how to do the poems correctly. I did the first two and am working on the rest of them as I speak. The "Found Poem" seems to have captured most of my interests and I find it to be quite simple to do aside from the "ABC Poem" which seems to be the simplest of all the poems. Other than that, I will finish my work and talk more about this on the next blog. Thank you!

Monday, October 29, 2012


Today in class we did our lesson 15 we also discus our multiple voice poem as a group. our theme is Christmas you can say it or sing it. ai adai  my group is still kind of stuck on how we should do our poem. yet only the words we are gonna use so we planned to have a video chat over the weekend.

10/29/12 - April salas

Lesson # 15 I did much better then the last few lessons. Today we discussed what is to come ahead since Halloween falls on our Wednesday class. Our theme is Christmas, oh how I love the smell of Christmas trees. Carlos didn't come in today but thankfully he told Georgette he'll be adding her on fb, oh how social sites are great for homework catch up:)

Friday, October 26, 2012


The other night went by pretty fast. Mrs. Quichocho didn't waste any time. I was very exhausted that night though, because I was at my grandma's funeral earlier. I didn't do too good though on two lessons. I'm glad Ii'm caught up, but now I'm just doing my poems for the poetry slam. So, until next class, bye!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Last night in Mrs.Quichocho's class we did lesson 14. Then, when we were finished, we graded all lessons from lesson 1-14.But we went through it quickly. We were given poems number 14-15..number 15 was a different kind of poetry that i've never heard about, called multiple voices.We were put into groups of 4.So my group is..Daunelle,Chantal, and Juliana.This should be interesting!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


Today in class was Fun! we did are lesson 14 and I did good. we also were given are poems 14 and 15. I like poem 15 I think its cool and fun. I still need to finish up the rest of the poems this weekend just so that it can be ready.

10/24/12 April salas

Grading my work is good to know I still need to work on my knowledge . Whew rushing to get work done is brain boggling. Waiting so I can do my lesson 14 , everyone is correcting theirs . Lol I'm not cheating miss, don't worry I'm ignoring the answers by keeping my head on my phone ;)

Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Tonight I learned that I should not miss class. I was 3 lessons behind and luckily I got out of math class early, so I can finish them in time before they were too late to turn in. I love how we're starting on poems. Thank you, Mrs.Q. For teaching me how to write the greatest essay in less than 2 weeks. I love how my inner self comes out when I'm writing essays.


Today in class we did are lesson 13 which was kind of tricky to me. I thought I did okay but i guess not. wow! I was shock as to the words I picked for my answers. we also did are five paragraph essay. The topic was ''Dreams'' or Love/Hate we had to chose one. I chose Dreams.

Another day...

Another day of our writing workshop class and already I have bad news about my grades. Today was the last day for make-up and once again, I did not take advantage of the opportunity. I am clear as to what needs to be done to improve my grades as well as my writing skills, so without further a due, I will be on my way to achieving these goals I have set for myself. We were given our 13th lesson, then after had to do the last of the timed-paragraph essays for the class. It took about 59 minutes and I'll tell you, I was struggling once again. Mrs. Q. told me not to fight the outline cluster and now that I now, I will try not to. I don't even think that I am, but okay. So until Wednesday folks!

Oct 22, 2012

Surprisingly, my grade in writing class wasn't as bad as I thought. I'm in the process of earning a better grade. I was actually surprised that I got a 100% for my five paragraph essay on love! I'm now in the process of writing my poems! I have to admit though, I'm going to have some trouble with the poems. By the way, I have faith that Sanchez will bring home the championship title this year.

Monday, October 22, 2012


We got our new essay today, I did pretty good, 99% good (:

I need to do way better on lessons though.

I got 5 out of 16 on the lessons we took today, It really seemed that all the answers that were coming to me were correct, I thought wrong.

Just saying a sentence with him and me is weird, or her and him, that's just me.

Once again, I can't upload pictures cause my laptop is crappy.

I need to do better in this class, I need to focus on these poems that we took home today!



We took our essay practice test, I got a 78% though ):

I'll do better next time.

These make up work days are really great, I've brought my grade up to an acceptable grade, but I need to do better.

How did you guys feel on the topic?

I can't post pictures because my laptop is crappy right now!!!


I'm thankful that Mrs.D gave us three days for make up work, we don't deserve that at all.

I've done bad on the lessons I had to re-take, I just don't understand them, or they just confuse me.

I was anticipating the practice essay test, but it had to come sooner or later.

I know that I'm horrible with essays, I like to write about things that actually interest me.

I can't upload a picture because my laptop is crappy right now.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012


Today in class, we did lesson 12 practice. I think it was pretty easy but we'll find out. Also, we had a 60 min. time limit to write a 5 paragraph essay. I'm still trying to get used to using transitional devices. But all in all, I believe I did pretty well. Finally, I turned in my second essay about my best memory. And I hope I did well. Well that's all for now. Next week, poems.


Today in class we did our lesson 12 hopefully I did okay. We also did our test which was writing a five paragraph essay the topic was ''freedom'' and we only had 60min. to complete it. I was really thinking hard about that. but thankfully I made it to 55min. then we also learned about 7 different kinds of poems. To me that;s something to think about. I am not really good at this poem writing but I guess this will be another good lesson.

10/15/12 - April Salas

Oh yes ! Finally done with our essays. I am super happy we are moving on to poetry. My all time fave :) I am glad Mrs. Q , saw that I did better in my 5 paragraph essay. Move it on to poetry... Lets get that subject started .. Whoo hoooooooo!


The other night in class, I was able to redo Lesson 3. I did horrible the first time I did that lesson. We as a class, were able to make up any assignments that we have missed or needed to improve on. I'm happy that I'm all caught up, even though I haven't been absent. I don't ever want to miss Mrs. Quichocho's class, ever.

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

SADDEN 10-16-12

Last nights class was just a make-up day. We used the time in class to do lessons 9,10, and 11.

We were also able to catch up on other assignments that will be turned in for a better grade.It's also a good thing that we were also allowed to finish up essays one and two because I completely did the wrong topic for essay 2, so I had to redo it! But other than that..I found the make-up day to be quite we found out about the extra credit that would probably help for some of us.I know it would help me big time!

Make-up Day #1

Today I did some make-up work in class and wasn't too happy with what was done. I completed some lessons but the essays that were due, I didn't finish. Our teacher, Mrs. Q., gave us the whole weekend to finish our work and I didn't take that opportunity as an advantage. We have 3 more essays to do and some extra credit that we can use to pick up our grades if needed. I'm going to do "all" my work, just so that I wouldn't be disappointed on my graduation day. So until Wednesday folks, I'll Blog more about class.

Monday, October 15, 2012


Today in class, we got a make up day. Thank God! I had the time to finish my essays and that's all I needed. I'm content with my first essay and I'm going to try and perfect my second essay. Writing is becoming easier and I'm confident that I know almost most of it. All in all, class was good.


Today in class we did our lessons 9,10,and 11. we also had time to finish up our essay #2 the topic is ''My best memory''. when I first came into this class I had know idea how to write a paragraph or an essay. now I know how too and I am so proud of myself. I just hope that I can improve my writing skills even more.

10/15/12 - April Salas

Okay so I have to redo my essays and thank goodness I'm excused for now. I would like to fully understand what I'm writing out. Finally, I am caught up on all my work though. I feel so relieved! We did three lessons today. All I can say is "I can't wait for poetry lessons to start". I love poetry my kind of subject!

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


Can't get out of this funk that my body's going thru. I didn't want to miss Mondays class. Now, I'm a day behind. Which really sucks, I guess I have to make it up on Wednesdays class..

Wait, do we have class today??

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


In class yesterday, we did Lesson 8. We also had a chance to make up the lessons to improve our grades. I'm happy I improved on some lessons, but i still have a couple left. We had to turn in our Essay #1, but I forgot to do the outline cluster. I'm glad Mrs. Quichocho is giving us an extra day and all. I wouldn't want to be behind on work or anything. I used this picture because this is the motto I used in Essay #1.


Well today was a day where most of the students had the opportunity to do make-up work and make up those awful grades. I did what I could and finished only one lesson I think, but before any of the make-up started happening, we had to do another lesson and I didn't do pretty well, I was disappointed. All that can be made for, I hope. Out of every assignment, our 1st essay was due and majority of the students hadn't complete their work, so our wonderful teacher of ours gave us until next Monday to turn them in. She's the best! I got to stop procrastinating and start doing my work on time.

Monday, October 8, 2012


Today in class we did our lesson eight. I was really having a hard time, because I forgot my glasses but I did okay in the end. I will try harder next time; we also turned in our first essay today. I'm so proud of myself! because it was the one thing I really wanted to learn this semester. I just want to say Thank you so much Mrs.Quichocho!.  As for essay number two, I am starting on that tonight so I can be able to enjoy my weekend.

10-8-12 April Salas

Catching up on work, is hard when you missed so much. But I am going to do my best to catch up on my lessons. We are officially on lesson 8 today, and I missed 3. Hopefully I get my second essay done on time, because I'm confused on my first. Well good luck o me.


We are all learning how to write essays correctly now.

I find it as a challenge to me, I'm not used to writing  a lot and now we're starting to write a lot.

I have a lot of catching up to do, well, just the homework that was provided and the work I missed, as well as the lessons I've missed.

I hope the make up work I did is correct.

How did all of you feel on the test she gave you?

Chose this picture because it's clean, to me.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Saturday, October 6, 2012

10/6/12 making up for last week's bloggg's

Last week was crazy...we had a lot of work we needed to take care of. The one that most got me was the paragraphs. Those paragraphs were really a mind thinking one...I have no idea what to write be continued.

Friday, October 5, 2012

Oct 03, 2012

Well, we continued our drills on writing perfect paragraphs. There was much laughter in writing class. I think we laugh more than we write! (LOL) We took a test on writing paragraphs; I used all the skills Mrs. Q taught me! Towards the ending of class, Mrs. Q taught us how to write a five paragraph essay! I'm telling you, shes the bomb!

Oct 01, 2012

Writing class was a breeze. Mrs. Q made us do some drills on writing perfect paragraphs. I swear, she makes learning so easy for me. If she taught all the subjects, I think she'll be the only teacher for me to have! I thank the lord for a teacher like Mrs. Q!

Thursday, October 4, 2012

10/3/12 - April Salas

So we went through the fastest way to write a paragraph, and also the easiest way to do it. Thank goodness I'm back from my week off! All there is left to do is catch up with my drills and lessons. So lucky thing Mrs. Q is giving us an extra 30 minutes before our class time next week ;) I'm having a little doubt about my paragraph writing skills.


Tonight's lesson was pretty okay. The test...was hard. I know I did okay, I just don't like working under timed pressure. It hurts my brain. Mrs.Q did the funniest thing and taught us how to right a 5 paragraph essay in under 60 seconds.

Oct. 3, 2012

Well, today was pretty interesting for myself and I'm pretty it went the same for some. First, we started off with another lesson, Lesson 7. Next, some of us went straight to our home-works and finished what we could. Not everybody finished their home works. Then, we got to listen to how Mrs. Q. describes a simple way to writing a 5 Paragraph Essay in less than 60 seconds. That was pretty awesome. Finally, she explained it in every detailed way she possibly could and had the class take it home for home work. So until next Monday guys!

Oct. 1, 2012

In class we went over Lesson 6 and I am not satisfied with my results. The tests are starting become a bit more difficult than the last and I know I have to do to get things to seem a lot easier for me. We also covered simple ways on writing paragraphs. Ways like an outline cluster. I think that the way Mrs. Q. teaches it to us is pretty cool. She has a good way of teaching and if you just listen carefully, you'd learn from her. Well, that is all for now.


Today in writing class, we did another practice lesson 7. This lesson was easier, thank god! Anyways, we have an assignment to do a 3 paragraph essay on a motto. I have no idea what to write or where to start. Oh gosh someone help me! All in all, writing class is growing on me. But at times, I'm still clueless of what to write about so I just bs.

Last nights class was pretty long for me. I had to go in early to do makeup work, but i'm glad that I did because I now have better grades. We took a test on paragraph writing, which was being timed..but im proud to say that i did it within 3 minutes :) What I found interesting about last nights class was that we got to grade our own drills.Which i thought was cool. Then we were told that we will be doing a 5 paragraph essay! I thought it was gunna be hard or complicated, until Mrs. Q told us how to do it in less that 60 seconds..which was awesome by the way!and because I now know how to write a paragraph quickly..I have complete confidence in my essay.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Today in class we did our lesson seven. turned in our four drills. Which I did good on. proud of myself thanks to Mrs.Quichocho. she also thought us how to write a five paragraph essay. The topic is motto. something I have to thinking about. I hope I get it right.


Today I was getting over my cold. by staying in bed. I ate soup for 3 days. I have been taking dayquil to help me get better. most of all I have been sleeping due to my fever. As I will see a little bit better I email all my teachers and inform them about my attendance. 


With this lesson I didn't do so well. But, come tomorrow I will retake that lesson#6. Essays, I'm at a lost for words.. See you all Wednesday....


     The other night in class, we went over Lesson 6. I need to go to class early tomorrow though, that way I can redo some of the previous lessons to improve the score. We then went over writing a paragraph, and did drills on it for a test. I've practiced, but hopefully I write a paragraph within the five minutes given for the test.  I know my writing will get better, as long as I pay attention and not miss a class.

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Last nights class was pretty fun..We did 4 drills for the outline clusters.It was based on pizza, icecream, friends, and men/women. I thought it was fun..It seemed to me like some klind of a brainstorming game. I found the topic icecream, to be the hardest one to think about. I know this writing class will help me to become a better writer, especially now that i know the shortcuts!


Today I woke up with a bad cold. I wasn't feeling well and was still gonna go to school. I kept on coughing and I made it to my Math class. As I was sitting there I felt more sick. first waking up with a cold was like okay to me. Next sitting in class coughing and eating halls. Finally doing my work and feeling weak I knew that was it! I can't push my body no more. I went home, took medication, called the doctors, made an appointment and went to bed.


Today in class, we learned how to write a paragraph. First, we did our lessons five and six. Next, Mrs.Q taught us how to write a paragraph.which, teaches us about the 4 steps to writing a paragraph. Finally, we did our 4 Drills on writing a paragraph. Which, will help us be more comfortable and confident when writing a paragraph. Therefore we've  learned how to write a paragraph  today.

Mrs.Quichocho! LETTER IS FINISHED! ^-^

You can edit this all you want. Make changes if needed. True story.

Dear Abby,
        My boyfriend and I have been together for 3-4 months. We love each other dearly and we are ready to settle down. Recently, his parents kicked him out of his house and he had to live with his uncle. One day to his surprise, his mother was there at his uncle's house waiting for him. She had asked and begged him to come back home, but he didn't want to. He told her he was better off living on his own.
        Now that he was doing good on his own, his father told his uncle not to let him stay there anymore. He has a couple of days to find a place before he is officially on his own again. I suggested to him that he could stay with me but he feels it would be a burden. Of course, it won't be a burden because I love him and it would kill me to see him struggle. He asked me one question that I thought I could lie to him about, but I couldn't. I ended up telling him the truth.
         He had asked me..."Did any of your ex-boyfriends live with you?" I was shocked to hear him ask such a question. I answered yes, because they've gotten kicked out and had nowhere to go. So, I took them in till they found a place or moved back home. He appreciated the fact I told the truth, but chose to live with me as a last resort.
         I know I should take that as a good thing but...he asked me to move out and live with him. He said he's ready to live with me. His words "I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't ready. I want to settle down with you. I love you." I don't know if I, myself, am ready to move in with him. I love him but...I'm scared. Do you think I should move in with him? Is choosing to live with me as a last resort a good thing because he wants to do things on his own first? Is us living together a good choice? Please help.

                                                                                        Sincerely, All Info, But No Answers.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Sept 26, 2012

Writing class was awesome! Mrs. Q wrote a paragraph about how easy it is to write a paragraph. It was a unique paragraph. I never encountered any teacher to be so original like Mrs. Q! Mrs. Q is an awesome teacher!


Don't have much to say.. But, looking forward to essay part of writing class..