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Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Final Speech December 05, 2012

Jordan J. Cruz

Mrs. D. Quichocho

Writing Workshop

December 04, 2012

Final Speech

Writing Workshop with Mrs. D. Quichocho, “A learning Experience”

I am here to present my final speech about the Writing Workshop with Mrs. Quichocho. First, I 

would like to talk about my first day. Then, I would like to speak about a few of the things that I have 

learned in class. I learned about how to take notes, how to write paragraphs, how to use words 

correctly, and become a better writer. 

My first day in Mrs. Quichocho’s class was the same as any other first day. I met some new 

people and even had some of my old classmates from other classes. Mrs. Quichocho called the class to 

attention and introduced herself. She told all of us to do the same.The students from the back row 

started first. When the student beside me was almost finished with her introduction, I became nervous to 

introduce myself. After she was done I stood up for my turn. I was not sure what to say until Mrs. 

Quichocho had said a couple things about me. That is when the words hit me and I was able to speak.

We took thirty minutes to finish our introduction. There was this one guy named Charles, he told 

us that he was there in class to learn how to become a perfect writer. He wanted to write a book like the 

one Ky Mani Marley called “Dear Dad”. When Charles spoke the class was interested. We were 

amazed about how he introduced him self to the class. It was like he took the class before.

Our first assignment was to present three items and our school bags. The assignment was to tell the 

class why the items were very important to us. The assignment was similar to show and tell.  I had done 

this before, so I used the same presentation I had done in my other class. The items I used to present 

were a guitar pick, a notebook, and head phones. The items were important to me because I could use 

them to practice my music. I use my notebook to write the chords and lyrics from the internet so I can 

practice playing on my guitar. My guitar pick is important because it shows I love to play guitar on my 

spare time. The head phones was a way for me to block out people and unwanted sounds. 

One of the first things we learned was how to write a paragraph. After we wrote a short 

paragraph, Mrs. Quichocho gave us a paragraph quiz the next day. The quiz was timed at seven 

minutes or less. I was impressed with myself because I wrote my paragraph in seven minutes and one 

second. I think Mrs. Quichocho was also impressed because she told me that the paragraph I wrote was 

really good. There were about five other students who were able to make the ending time for the quiz. 

We also learned how to use words correctly. Some ways we learned how to use words correctly 

included vocabulary, fill in the blank, and even worksheets that had us choose words that  fit sentences 

properly. My favorite way to learn how to use words correctly was fill in the blank. It was my favorite 

because it was an easier way for me to understand words. 

In the class I learned how to take very good notes. My notes has helped me to remember ways to 

write successfully. I wrote notes often. My notes helped me in both of my classes. You would not 

believe how good notes are until you try not having it when you are trying to study for a test. I learned 

how to take notes by listening very carefully or waiting for Mrs. Quichocho to write notes on the board. 

Writing notes in her class was very useful because you need it for a pop quiz or an open notes test.

I like to write, but therre are times where I honestly do not know what to write. I do want to 

become a better writer and sometimes I even want to become someone who is able to write stories. To 

me writing is a time to think and is a time to write about anything that comes into my head. Sometimes I 

find it easier to write all my thoughts down when I am frustrated, angry, or sad. When I write it makes it 

easier for me to calm down. When I write this way, the words do not make sense, but at least my nerves 

calm down and so does my stress.

The writing workshop with Mrs. Quichocho was really a challenge for me because I do not think I 

am a good writer. I want to be able to write better than how I write now. I am happy I took this class 

because I learned how to write notes, paragraphs, and most importantly speeches. Writing is a challenge 

for me, but this class has helped me to get better.

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  1. This is the best thing I have ever written since.


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