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Friday, August 31, 2012

August 27,2012

Today we were informed that we are odoing our first speech.I remember this specific speech from 2 years ago,'' Its in the bag .'' I am very excited to present my speech,most of all because i love speeches,poems,etc.Our 2nd test we took which was Punctuation's, was also very easy.Writing is one of the easiest courses i know of.Writing is fun,just like the instructor Mrs.Q.
August 28,2012

Today we took a capitalization test, which was real easy and simple. Im sure that as the lessons get higher ,test will get harder. Writing is a way that i show how i feel,if you guys know what i mean. I let all my feelings out when i write. Good,bad,happy or sad.  I always have a wonderful time in this writing class ENO67-01.
In class after taking another test or quiz, we went over the Speech assignments. I haven't come up with a title yet, but soon I know I will. Our speeches our due next Wednesday and in our speeches we need to bring a bag along with three Items that best represents our lives. So over the weekend I am going to complete and practice my speech for next week's presentation. I hope everyone is ready by then. See you guys next Wednesday!

Thursday, August 30, 2012


 In class, last night, we did another short test. I'm hoping I did good, only because Justin graded my paper and didn't show me my grade. We then went over how to write the speech for the people who were absent. Mrs. Q did an example, and seeing it twice, it really gave me relief to know I was on the right track. At the end of class, I showed Mrs. Q my draft and she said it was beautiful. I had a few revisions here and there, but I'm confident knowing Mrs. Q liked it.
Oh my Curly Sue. Mrs. Q wasn't kidding when she said "If you miss one day, you get swamped in work." I missed one writing class by accident to attend my family dinner and I'm swamped with work. Hopefully Mrs. Q is willing to let me present the day I bring in my draft. I'd rather present all week instead of doing the whole plan and draft thing. To me...planning and drafting are hard to do. But writing freely is my passion. If you ask my to plan and draft something out I will honestly just stare at you point blank in the face.

8/29/12- April Salas (Draft on speech/Quiz 2)

Today we did the draft on our speech for What's in the bag". To be honest I thought I was actually going to do the speech today. I laughed at myself practicing on the mirror. I know I'm going to be ridiculous during the real speech next week Wednesday. I'm so nervous I'll be a wreck!
When you miss one day, you miss a lot! I'm still in the decision making process of what three items I'm going to put inside the bag. This speech is way different from all the other speeches I've written.
It's not just writing I have to do, but I will have to provide three visual aides! Let's get this done and over with!


I'm just liking writing class every time we attend it, still learning new things every time I go.

The test we took seemed somewhat easy, i got a 5/18 I guess that's an alright grade on my part, But I'm sure I can only get better at these tests.

I have to admit, That i didn't do my draft for our speech that is due next Wednesday.

So I just rushed through the draft & apparently I did pretty good, all I need is an attention getter for the start of my draft, not sure how I'm gonna make that possibly, But I'll give it a try.

All in all, I am excited for this speech, I've never done on & I'm sure I can do an alright job.

Reason why I chose this picture is because I thought it was cool & This particular picture has been deleted from a lot of sites, they were on a Miata cruise & this guy also known as 'PedoBear'
 decided to cruise under an 18 Wheeler.


Yesterday, I learned how to write a speech. It took me a while to get it, but, I eventually just wrote anything down. I think writing could be fun if I actually tried. I hope this writing workshop class will help me improve in my grammar, although, I think I pretty much know most of it. So far, writing is pretty easy and I'm learning a lot in this class.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Aug 29 2012

To be honest I wrote my speech 1 hour and 30 min. before class started and presented it to Mrs.Q and I did good. I'm so proud of myself because I had no idea what I was gonna put in the bag or what bag to bring, but the minute I sat in the library I thought and started writing it all down. now just to rewrite, type it and put in on flash cards and start practicing my speech. as for are lesson #2 that we did today. I don't know what is wrong with me! and why I can't get it right. I don't understand ugh! I'm so frustrated. I think I need to make time and keep reading on writing so I can better understand as to what I'm doing wrong.   

8-29-12, wednesday

Don't want to admit it. But, I'm starting to like writing. Especially, when I'm starting to open up to the class and mates in writing. I enjoyed writing today. I hope, come next week the class likes my speech..

Aug 29,2012

Today we had worked on our speech and Mrs Q helped with our rough draft.
 She check my draft and i'm good to go.I am so scared to do my speech i've never done one
in my life i mean to actually face alot of my classmate is kinda like freaking me out.
I hope i don't choke on my word's god help me!lol

Monday Class

Monday night class was fun, I learned how to write a speech & I enjoyed Mrs.D's presentation.
I look forward to the presentations we all have to offer as a class.
I look forward to tonight's class as well.
As for the quizzes that we got back, I did somewhat alright 23/50 & for the other quiz I forgot how many mistakes or positives.
Question: Do we have to upload a picture with every blog?

I posted this picture because it deals with a certain form of art, an art that could not be created without the form of writing.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

I am disappointed of myself for not attending writing class last night. Although, I was tired from such an awesome weekend! That should not be an excuse though, I need to get my priorities straight! Partying will not bring me any closer to that diploma I want! I should focus more on my classes instead of wondering what I'm going to do for the weekend! Speaking of weekend, I hope everyone enjoyed theirs! 
Tonight we got our test and quiz back. I can say I did fairly well on the pre-test but the quiz...I somewhat did poorly. I did study for the quiz, but I totally went point blank when I got to it. Learning about the different techniques for writing is pretty tough stuff. I didn't realize writing had to be so...on point.


Today in class, we went over our quiz and pre-test. Mrs. Q trusted us to correct our own papers. We also did a twenty minute test, which gave us pointers on how to use proper capitalization. I enjoyed how we graded our papers by using Chamorro words. I'm hoping I did good on that test though, there were some things I did not know about capitalization. We've got our first assignment on speech and I'm not sure what to write about. 

Monday, August 27, 2012

Tonights Class 08-27-12

Tonight in class we got our grades back on the quiz and pretest and i could say that the grades that i scored were sad. I honestly believe that i could do much better i just gotta be more focused. Anyways this speech thats coming up i dont think i no what to put in my bag im confused. I know for sure im not gonna do a good job at giving the speech because i always get this heatthat rushis down whenever i give speechs are when im infront of a crowed.

Well, today we corrected our assignments on the Quiz and Pre-test that we took last Wednesday. I did pretty well on the Pre-Test, but on the Quiz, my results were disappointing. In the near future, I plan to reach my full potential in studying and passing any quizzes or tests. After, there was another test or quiz, I couldn't remember which, but we took one which is supposed to determine if we are in the right level that we need to be in - similar to a placement test. That is all for now, see you folks in class!

August 27 2012

In class we went over our pretest and I didn't do so well but I know I can do better. Anyways today we had our first twenty minute writing lesson which is good. I learned a few things such as knowing when to capitalize in quotation marks. We also have homework today which is to write a speech about us which I find very good cause I know I can do this. But the sad part is actually getting up and saying it in front of everyone that's my problem. I just know the minute I get to the front of the class I will get nervous, I won’t keep still; I will laugh and keep smiling so hard, If not then by the time it's my turn my brain just goes blank and I don't know what to say or how I was suppose to say it. ugh I hate it! but I'll just keep practicing I try my very best to say my speech.

Aug. 27, 2012 Monday

Test results are in. Surprising, and funny. Speech, is something I, have to really work on. But, I know I can do this. Introduction, body, and conclusion. I got this Guam.

Aug 27 ,2012

Today we are correcting our quiz and oh man it is so sad,but hopefully i will be able to do a little better the next time.Today Mrs Q said we will start our first writing.Now we are taking our first capitalization lesson,it show us where or which to capitalize.Oh man i missed 12out of 29 that's kinda okay for a person who hasn't written in a long time.

8/27/2012 - April salas

Today we got back our papers from the last class we had. I can't believe I only got 4 right! Lol. At least I'm so glad to hear we can retake the test to get a grade up. We also went through our test results which is good cause I need to make sure I know much more the next time I take the test again :) until next test.

Friday, August 24, 2012

Writing Class

Wednesday night writing class, seemed to be alright, nobody was loud & obnoxious, everyone was just calm.
The two tests we took seemed somewhat easy, although i did have a little bit of trouble with the post-test.
Seeing how it's my first time in a writing class, I enjoyed it, I look forward to the assignments we have in the future.
Mrs. D seems like a really nice teacher too.
I may not always have a lot to say, I'm mostly put my
words into videos.

See all of you on Monday.

by the way, the picture below is just a small group shot of my car club, just thought i would post it since we need to post pics too.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

August 23, 2012

So, I learned a lot in writing class yesterday. Writing has taught me that there are different styles and techniques to learn and master. I love writing. I just don't like having to be corrected on my written pieces about punctuations and characters I don't know about. But having Mrs.Q as my teacher, I have no choice but to master the skill of writing.
Writing class was awesome last night! The quiz gave me some trouble probably because I did not study. As for the pretest, I did not have problems! I did not know every answer on the pretest so maybe I guessed a couple of times. Hopefully, I learn about the things I don't know about in Mrs. Q's writing class. Surprisingly,   I'm having troubles with the blog! I don't know what to write about sometimes!

Quiz-Pretest 08/22/12

Well what can i say lastnight in Mrs. Q's class wass pretty chill. I enjoyed taking both quiz and pretest because it kind of refreshed my memory. I would say once the writting starts is when im gonna get frustrated. I know that for sure because im the type of person thats mellow. When it comes to writing i dont really have much to say. but i know for sure im gonna push my self to pass all my classes. 


During class yesterday, we had to take a quiz on a presentation from the class before. Although I studied last minute, I felt that I did okay on the quiz.We also took a pre-test, which was multiple choice. When taking a multiple choice test, I sometimes find myself questioning how a word is spelled. But all in all, I felt that I did good on both quiz and test.  

Aug 22 2012

Well it another day of writing class and i wasn't feeling well but i had to stay the other just reminded me that we had a quiz i'm like for real's? any who we sat for a while studied and the came the quiz paper! oh my god i took one look at that paper and my mind went blank i kinda panic,But i did the best to my ability to answer the questions.
Last nights quiz was pretty simple...It was just the basics of writing.After the quiz we took our first pretest!I was super worried that I wouldn't know anything, but after I saw that it was just based on punctuality, capitalization, and different kinds of sentences,I was relieved..Then I thought to myself
"It seems as if this writing class is going to get more interesting". :)


All week it has been raining, and it sucks because my truck has no air con . I hope this rain would stop so we can have some fun in the sun, and not worry about driving because the road is wet and slippery . So let's all sing that rain song so it can go away and come back some other day. Well I hope all of you have a nice wet rainy night.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The day of the day.

Today was a long class day. Today was the Pretest and a 50 question Quiz. So far, It was good for both  test and Quiz. At first, the quiz was the first test we took. We had a matching tests. Then the Pretest was right after the quiz. The pretest was like I said long and mind taking. Well that's all I have for tonight.

August 22,2012. Wednesday

I, like this. Quiz, followed by a pretest. To be honest, hopping I did
well, or good. Nonetheless, that's why I'm in writing. To be good, to
get better.

August 22 2012

Yay it works! thank you MCV for at least fixing it before home. thank god! ai adai and I was so worried that I wasn't gonna be able to blog or get to put a picture on my blog. Anyways today in class he had to do a Quiz and  pretest, I don't think I did so well but that's why I'm in this class and I know at the end of this semester I will be better at writing and understanding everything their is to know at it.
Today's Quiz and Test helped me kind of get a picture of what we might be learning about in this course. I believe that the pre-test that was given to us, was to determine our writing level now and in the end will show how much we've learned. I hope I did well because I want to know where I stand and how far I have to go to be ahead of where I'm supposed to be. I should have study more on the presentation yesterday though, I kind of was not sure about my answers on the Quiz.


Today we took a quiz and a pretest. Wow ! Back to back I surely hope I get some right. I tried my best to study but to be honest, I couldn't remember which answers went to which questions. Hopefully next time I warm up to the test or quiz and I get a decent grade for it. Let's just say I'm not content this time !


well i just finally got invited to my new blog site and it was crazy any who in class Mrs. Q was saying something about what we were going to in the next few weeks and we did some note taking.god im not to confident about this semester,ive been out of reach for  a while.i just hope i can do what i did last semester just wing it til i can get the hang of it.To be honest i haven't read a book since june and to pick up a book again oh

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


I'm not a big fan of writing. Last night in Mrs. Quichocho's class , i've learned a lot of writing procedures. It was pretty interesting. It's a good thing i'm in this class. Maybe in the long run , i'll be a better writer.

August. 21, 2012
Writing is my passion. I love writing because it keeps me busy and it helps with my penmanship. Although, when it comes to all the fancy corrections I get nervous and freak out. I know that by me taking this writing class and with Mrs.Q being my teacher I will be able to conquer my fears of knowing whether my paper is good enough or not. This blogger site is also a big help because it will help me to better understand how to type and write with correct punctuations.


Well to me I think that writing takes a lot of effort but the teacher Ms. Q makes it a lot more interesting. I know I'm not that good of a writer but I'll give it my 100% to try. Writing has always been difficult for me but as long as I try I know that i can do it.
Writing has always been a part of me. As Mrs.Q's former student at GWHS I was able to write 10 poems a class period , all because of Mrs.Q's hard work and effort she put into teaching my class of 2010. Writing , poetry, essays, short poems, long poems, and best of all her Poetry slams have always been the best part of her class. I enjoy that I'm currently in her class for a different type of subject. I am prepared to learn more about writing this semester.
I never really had any trouble with writing. If I did, it was spelling or thinking what to write about. After class last night I learned that theres more to writing other than words and punctuations. Mrs. Q's class takes writing to a whole different level. Now I need to take my writing skills to the same level to pass the class.

August, Tuesday 21,2012

Writing, I failed this class in high school. But, with all the information Mrs.Q is
giving out. I'm sure I, will finally be passing writing. However, I wrote
this to see where I stand...
I am glad to have writing as one my classes. Especially with a teacher as educated as Mrs. Q. While I was going through the presentation in my thumb drive, I realized that writing could really help me throughout many courses to come. I never thought of it like that. So until Wednesday, I will write and type as much as I need to.


During class yesterday, I learned about the writing stages and planning methods. Learning how to write hasn't been the easiest subject for me. I've struggled on how to compose essays and research papers. I'm sure Mrs. Q will help me have a better understanding and a more positive attitude towards writing. I hope that writing becomes second nature to me by the end of the semester. I'll admit I've always preferred Math over English. 
Last night in Mrs.Q's class I learned how to blog.I've never blogged for a class before so i found it very interesting.She shared a very long presentation about the writing process which took about our whole class period to finish..I took down so much notes that my hands were hurting from writing.But I know that this writing workshop, and all this note taking,and e.t.c will help me to become a better writer!

Monday, August 20, 2012

August 20 2012

Today in class we went over are activity description and I love it. When I look at the activity description I see a lot of learning, writing, and typing and I know my drive to school worth it. We also had to take notes on the broad my hand was hurting because I was trying my best to write as fast as I can so that I wouldn't miss out on anything. Even though I know a little bit about writing a speech from last semester Thanks to Mrs. Q for last semester as my reading teacher. To me you made learning fun and easy.  

2nd day in writing class....

Today we wrote a lot of notes. We wrote a lot of notes on the writing stages. The writing stages are planning, drafting, and revising. We also need to understand what we are writing about.  We also need to allow our thoughts to carry out your imagination with a free reign.

8/20/2012 - April salas

Today we took many notes and the presentation was pretty long. But in the end I know everything will be worth it. I want to understand writing from another point of view and from this class I know I'll get it. I'm very happy to see old classmates I feel comfortable in learning. As for taking notes my hand hurts a lot .
The writing presentation by Mrs. Q took forever.  I wrote so much.  I hope that writing will finally become natural for me.  The truth is ... writing has always been a stumbling block for me. I pretty much know a lot of things but writing it down on a piece of paper has always been a challenge.