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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Sept. 26, 2012

In class we did another lesson and overall it was pretty challenging aside from the past lessons we took. After, we watched Mrs. Q. as she went step-by-step in teaching us on a simple way to write a paragraph by showing an example of an "outline cluster". So now our homework is to come to class with an outline cluster of making pizza. Its pretty simple and I think it is going to be interesting when everybody shares their homework. So until Monday, I'll Blog more about it.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Whatsup essay! 9/26/12

So tonight we learned about writing essays. I hate essays. I hate when I have to write things to the letter. I thought we were going to write letters. I hope I do good on my homework. Essays are irritating.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Today in writing workshop, we had to do lesson 5 practice. It was a little difficult but I got through it. Sometimes getting through is the only way out. Just like school. Haha!! But, hopefully writing class will get easier. I know I didn't post a blog for a couple classes because I forgot to and I've been so busy. So in conclusion for today's post that's it!

Mon. Sept. 24, 2012 Writing

On this day, we went over Lesson 4 Test and it was pretty easy for me. I got 18 out of 20 answers correct and I am pretty sure I am not the only one who did well on the test. After, we got back to our Poetry writing that was substituted from Lesson Writing, I think, and a couple of students shared their poems. It was nice to hear them share it because not everyone got to maybe because didn't want to, but it was nice to hear from those who shared. I'm really looking forward to more poetry writing and other writing lessons as well. So hopefully today we can do some more writing.


The other day in class we redid some correcting so that Mrs.Q could input some grades. After that we did Lesson 4, but I didn't do too good. I mixed up the letters at the end. After that, I believe we discussed how we would make up for a class since Mrs.Quichocho's son is returning. In a way, I don't mind canceling class that day because it's my mom's birthday, and we get to celebrate it with my dad this time! I know how it feels to have a family member back, it's always a good feeling! I hope Mrs.Quichocho's son comes back safe! 

- We took this picture of my family, on the night my dad came back from Kuwait. (:

Monday in class (Sept.24.2012)

Monday in class i had to finish writing my acceptince letter started late i guess thats the consequence of not coming in last class. Anyways as i started to write i was a little confused but overall i did it and im proud of myself. Hopefully by the end of this semester ill become a much better writer come on with a teacher as beautiful as Mrs.Q what guy wouldnt learn to improve. :) lol Real talk!

Monday Night Class

I'm anticipating the day when we have to write new poems, and I hope that on that day we all do very well.

Monday night class went by really quickly, it felt like I was there for 20 minutes.

I enjoyed the poems that were spoken by three of my classmates.

I need to re-do lesson 3 to get a passing grade in the class, I find it weird that out of all the work we've done, one lesson can either make us fail or pass.

I hope I can do this, I hard a hard time with lesson 3 the first time, run on sentences, fragments, and complete sentences.

This picture represents my old Airsoft/Gaming/Car group/Spearfishing
Team SiC

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Poems and letters. 9/25/12

Oh my gosh! I almost forgot to blog. Anyway, last night's class was pretty okay. I was scared to turn in my poem because I procrastinated on writing it and then...I forgot to do it. I'm glad I asked Mrs.Q if I can turn it in next class because my handwriting for the poem was so poorly done. I can't wait to start on the letter writing process. I'm so excited!

SEPT. 24, 2012/LESSON#4

Lesson #4, was pretty easy. Moving forward, writing a letter. I, thought writing a letter would be a snap. But, the way it sounds to me it's gonna take more than taking pen and paper and writing things down.. I, for one would like to learn how to write a proper letter( informal or formal) for the future... Can't wait till Wednesday ...

Sept 24,2012

I know I'm kinda like missing in actin but i hope to feeling better by monday i wish this sickness of mine didn't have to hit me all at once it sucks being  a diabetic and when you want get out of bed it's just hard so i hope to t least be about 80% of myself by Monday.I really miss being in class with you ll .

Monday, September 24, 2012

last week wednesday

 Last week Wed. we started our new lesson. It was cool. I never thought I would be able to write a Poem. Wow...that was like I said cool...It is now Mon. and I am here at school. Wondering if I should type my poem or just leave it written by hand...What should I do...Maybe I will just leave that one and just type it out.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Speech 2

Speech two, I wasn't that nervous anymore as soon as I got up in front of the class.

It was much easier than last time that's for sure.

I enjoyed the other speeches from my classmates, although I wish I was there Monday to see the speeches I had missed.

I can't wait to start on the essays, My penmanship sucks but I must keep writing.

I hope we have another speech soon, but something a little bit more tricky.

I can't upload pictures because my internet is acting up, so I guess I'll just get points taken off for that.

Sept.19,2012 Speech#2 and Poem

We've finished all speeches, and we all did great. Now, we began poem writing . Which Mrs.Q made us do it in a very interesting way, which was fun. Well, I had fun... Looking forward to Monday's class...,

Speech #2 & Acceptance

Today I presented my second speech to the class and once again found myself in an uncomfortable stage of awkwardness. I really thought that I was prepared, but as soon as I was in front of the whole class, I felt like a newbie. Any ways the presentation went well and overall I got to share to my fellow classmates my life as a
"longboarder". After we discussed words that we thought of when we were given the word "Acceptance", then later discovered that we had created a poem. Our teacher made me share mine first because I was the first person to open my mouth, so I did. Well I don't know what else to Blog about so I guess this is it. Until next time.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

What is Acceptance an

My classmate Eugene Cruz said his speech, the teacher Mrs. Q. had us our first Poem. The title was "Acceptance". What does acceptance mean to you. And what is "Acceptance"? Well that was the very best thing to happen in class on September 19, 2012 which was a Wednesday. Two of the students said there poem peace and they're poem peace was really poem peace is next. wish me luck...

Thursday, September 20, 2012


During class the other night, the rest of our classmates got to present their projects to the class. I enjoy watching presentations by my classmates. I like what they have to say and what they have to show. Later we did this writing practice about the word acceptance. I then realized about some things I have accepted and haven't accepted in my life. I am now going to end the night by tweaking my paper, so good night!
So I did my first speech last night in class.I was so nervous, but I still got up and presented.After all the presentations were done, we did an activity..Well at least i thought it was an activity..I wrote down the word Acceptance and we just kept throwing words at the board. What shocked me was that at the end of this writing assignment, I found out that I wrote my first poem in Mrs. Q's class which I thought was awesome because I love poetry.Things just keep getting better and better in this writing workshop!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Poems. September 19,2012

Tonight's writing class took me by surprise. Mrs.Q had Juliana, Jae, and I grab some markers and go up to the board to write down thoughts that came from the class. After, she had us do an unexpected exercise-keeping in mind that she was not explaining what we were doing but just following her instructions to the letter. She then had us finalize and finish up our last statements. Finally, after we were done and confused...she told us we did our first poem for her class. I was shocked and surprised. That was the most quick and to the point poem I've ever done. I really enjoyed tonight's lesson.


Today was the last day for everyone to turn in their speech and I learned a lot about my classmates. such as the things they like, what means a lot to them or what they've been though and I'm amazed. and today we started on poetry and we will be presenting what we've wrote on Monday supper excited about our new lesson!  
sept 12 blogg

Today in class we were notified that we were doing a speech number 2. which i found very interesting. its great that mrs.q gave us 2 options. i choose the show and tell one , because i really didnt wanna waste my time talking about someone else. lol . i blogged late so the presentations i heard so far were awsome and i hope you liked mine.
Sept 10 -
ill be honest i havent blogged because i havent had time. Yes i know it takes less than 5 mins but i have a lot on my plate this semester. Well in class if i recall i heard some presentations , and they were very interesting. I really hope that the class enjoyed my presentation.


Today in class I was nervous to do my speech, but I think I did better then the last time and I really hope that we can do more speeches. I can't wait to learn how to write an essay, I think I know how but I'm not to sure if I'm doing it the right way. All in all everyone who did their speech I think you did a GREAT JOB! :)   

9/17/2012 - Speech- April Salas

I came to class hoping to do my speech on my partner. But she didn't make it to class today, whew as long as I'm not getting points deducted. I really liked Georgette and Jessie's speech. They were both heart warming and real. Hopefully Leslie gets better from her sickness so I can present her well :)

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

September 17,2012

So tonight we presented our speech and I was so worried about eye contact that I totally skipped a sentence in my speech presentation. I had to go back, read it again super fast so that I don't exceed time, and when I was finished I ended up saying "Amen". Holy Moses, was I embarrassed and flushed! I always had a problem with eye contact during my speech and the one time I thought I was doing fine I totally screwed myself. But...its okay because I actually saved myself from failure.

SEPT.17; Speech #2

During class tonight, we did our speeches on our partner and others did a show and tell. I was in a group with three other girls, so we were basically half of the class that were presenting tonight. I was obviously nervous, because I kept messing up while I was reading. All in all, it was a good night and hopefully we can see what our other classmates had to present. I really enjoyed everyone's presentations tonight!

Monday, September 17, 2012

Sept 17 2012

Sorry i wasn't there in class my mouth was hurting again and i need to see my doctor this week i kinda got my speech just need to type it out so as soon as i find money for a ting called co payment then of to the doc i go.Any who every time i miss school i feel like im not 100 percent all there i hope that my diabetes is really not that serious it would suck if i had to leave school.i pray each day that it will not be the death of

Speech #2 FAIL!

I can't believe I had to go all the way back home because I forgot my speech. This was the reason why I came in like 30 minutes late. Although our teacher was kind enough to give those who didn't present today another chance without deducting any points. It means we still can get an "A" if we take that chance and follow the procedures to giving a speech, which I thought was pretty sweet man. But any ways, I'll Blog more about it about after the presentations. See you guys when I see you guys. 


We've, shared lots of personal things in writing class, today. Seems to me, that by the time we've finish this semester. Most of us will be good friends. If not already.. Everybody did great today, on SHOW AND TELL and THE INTERVIEW.. KUDOS. I, was still shaking on my speech. But, did it and I know I'm getting better at it... We all are.. SEE YOU ALL WEDNESDAY...

Speech #2

Today in writing class, I finally got my presentation over with. I think we all passed but majority of my classmates were absent. I can't wait to hear everyone else's speech. Other than that, I'm happy we're getting out of class early. Until Wednesday I'll write another entry.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Blog 8

Wednesday night's class was very easy. I caught up with my class on what they were doing. I had did my draft. Tomorrow night's class is presenting our speech. It should be interesting.

Saturday, September 15, 2012


I was kind a lost on wed. . I totally for got where and what I was supposed to do. The class that night also made me realize that I need this. I can't afford to not stay back another semester. So now that I have gone to class, I understand now what I need to get good at doing. That is to have a speech ready for monday.

Friday, September 14, 2012

mondays class with Mrs. Quichocho was intersting. I missed a few days of school and completely forgot about speech #1, so i got my first 0. Then i totaly forgot that I had to blog every class...

Anyways we got our speech number 2 and im really looking forward to it because I missed alot, so hopefully I can present my speech next week and pass it with flying colors..The presentation I chose was the "Show and Tell".This should be interesting for me. Wish me luck!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012


Last night during class, we went over Lesson 3. I know I need help in this lesson. I don't know how to tell whether it's a fragment, or comma splice, and so on. Some people could tell the difference, but I know with more practice I will nail it! I've never enjoyed English before, so thank you Mrs. Quichocho! And I would still like to know the story behind your wedding ring please!

9/12/2012 & Question

I forgot to mention in my "9/10/2012" blog, that I didn't post a blog because I was having internet issues that just got resolved today.

Wednesday night class, we took our lesson on Complete Sentences & Fragments & Run on sentences.

Although I was terrible at it, I got a 14/20 i think that's a 70%

When we were first introduced to speech 2, i thought it would be the same, so I was writing speech 2 as how I wrote speech 1, I was wrong. I needed to make it seem like a legitimate story, at first it seemed impossible, but then as soon as I started writing it got easier & easier.

I must say, I'm excited for this speech.

Does anyone here know when we are presenting?

Monday or Wednesday?

once again, random pictures that have nothing to do with blogging.


Monday night class, was a surprise for me!!
I was not expecting speech 2 to come up exactly after speech 1.
I couldn't concentrate at all while I was writing my draft, and I got it wrong the first time.
I kinda wanted to have the other speech instead of the show & tell, seeing how it was about someone else & not you made it much less nerve-wracking.
I think i now know what I want to talk about.
I'm just choosing pictures that are completely off topic, hope you don't mind.

9/12/12 - April Salas - Draft on speech #2

We did lesson 3 today and I still need to learn a little bit more on the correction between ROS,F,S and CS. We also did the draft on our second speech. I am doing my speech on our classmate Leslie because she's the oldest fellow classmate we have. I wonder what's Mrs. Q's thoughts ? We'll see how I do on this speech when I present it.
I did not get the chance to write my last two blogs, there goes my grade! I feel bad because I did not attend class on Wednesday and I promised Mrs. Q I'll work on my attendance. Anyways, I am about done writing my speech. I'm still confused about my show and tell item! I'm working on it though, very hard!

09-12-12 Wednesday

Yesterday's class on lesson #3 kicked my ass. Sentences(s), fragments(f),and etc..... Were thing's we've learned in middle school. Who would have known that we've do so bad.. But, all in all were here to learn more and do better.
Show and Tell. I've done the draft, now i need to type the final paper. Hoping I do better on the speech this time.

Speech #2

Today we had to do a draft on our second speech. I couldn't really concentrate on my work, I just needed to be more relaxed and motivated. I spoke to one of my classmates though. Jaedeen, she's an old friend and she has the same type of speech as I do. I asked her to sit next to me give me a hint on what she'll be presenting. It was interesting enough as she spoke to me about it and gave me the idea of how I should present my Speech. So until next week, I will be preparing myself for the presentation.

Speeches and more to galore.

Tonight we had to finish up our drafts. This project seems a little more trickier than the first. This is going to be one crazy speech because I'm working with 3 other girls. During speeches and writing project, I like to work alone and present alone. Seeing now that we made this speech into a group speech is...going to be a little tricky.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Sept 12, 2012

tonight we started to do our draft fble writing this one or next speech and i'm still having trouble writing this  one. who would of thought that i would have this much problems, don't know man if i would finish this speech by really have a hard  time.we will see::(. God even with the lesson 3 i just freaked out man!i sometime ask myself do?i even got what it take's to be in a room with these kids who are half ,y age and not only that i feel kinda i should be at home just being a grandma.

Sept. 12, 2012

Today, writing class was a little hard. I admit, the practice for lesson 3 was pretty difficult. I guess I still have to learn more about writing sentences, fragments, and other things. Other than that, my speech #2 is coming along pretty well. I'm sure it's not that hard. Well I'm still learning and eventually I'll get this.


Today in class we did are lesson number three. Which I didn't do so well. I was so lost and I did my best I kept reading it over and over just to try an understand and tell which is which. is it a S, ROS, F or CS. 
to the point I didn't even get to finish writing the sentences and as for my speech it's okay I just need to do a little bit of rewriting.

9/10/12 - April Salas- blog #6

I wanted to hear why the bettle nut is important to Jessie ?! It was interesting to hear what his speech was on since I don't really know much about it. The campus has so many chewers so I would like to know some knowledge on it. Like what does it do ? Is it addicting ? What is the affects from it?.

Sept. 10, 2012

Well today in class my partner Jesse Reyes presented his Speech and it was interesting because the bag of items he brought was his chew, betel nut, lime, and cigarette. After, our class was given a second Speech assignment that is due next week, so I'm pretty stoked about it because I was given the chance to choose my kind of speech. There were two different kinds, an Interview Speech and a Show and Tell Speech. Mrs. Quichocho had us pick between the two by mixing the colors that separated and represented them in a small bag. I picked the Interview Speech, which I really didn't want because it looked to easy. Then after moments of begging and debating between classmates who were there to those who didn't show, she finally gave those who didn't want to do the Interview speech, the Show and Tell Speech. I'm glad I got this Speech because I know it's going to be a challenge for me and  challenge accepted! So until later folks.


  Tonight in class, we wrapped up our first speech assignment. I was hoping that we'd be done with speeches for a while, but I was mistaken. We have to do a show and tell presentation, or a partner interview. I prefer the interview, only because what you need to present is already there and all I would have to do is write it like a speech. I'm not saying it's easy, but I feel more comfortable doing the partner interview than the show and tell. I decided I was going to interview Chantal, Chantal is going to interview Daunelle, and Daunelle would interview me. I hope I do better than my first presentation, only because we got off easy.

I chose this picture because I did this when i found out we had another speech to present ! (:

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Sept.11,2012 Speech #1

Yesterday, I did my first speech ever. I was like a shacking leaf on a 8.2 earthquake. But, I did the speech and did okay. However, there will be more speeches and I will only get better. Thanks to the classmates for listening.


Today in class we finished up letting everyone say their speech and I think everyone did great. I know we are all nervous but I think that it's good that we are all doing this practice and learning from it. and tonight we have another speech to do again gosh! it got me thinking what item should I write about and tell a story about, but I think I found it. I just hope you will all enjoy it. yes it's a story and speech put together. but the story I'm gonna tell you is real  it's something I've always dream about. 

Project #2

So tonight we got our second project and I'm stoked to do it. Little do the people I'm partnered with know, we're going to present first. least I'm going to ask for us to present first. Our project looks kinda hard but...I think I could get through it. This writing project is helping me get better at drafting, outlining, and planning-the three things I hate. 

Monday, September 10, 2012

Sept,10 2012

Today i just return to school and had to do my speech,and i was kinda like scared.but i did my speech nerves as hell i my some mistakes i didn't really read of my paper but i did my best and my best should get me through my writing class.well we have another speech to work on i just hope i can get through these nerves of mind

Speech #2

Just when I thought the stress of having to write a speech was over with, now I have to do speech #2. So I guess I have to interview someone and present it. I hope this writing assignment will be as easy as the last one. I think if I just put my mind to it I'll come up with something to write eventually. Writing is getting interesting but hopefully I'll get to use this in the real life someday. If the world doesn't end.