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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Oh my Curly Sue. Mrs. Q wasn't kidding when she said "If you miss one day, you get swamped in work." I missed one writing class by accident to attend my family dinner and I'm swamped with work. Hopefully Mrs. Q is willing to let me present the day I bring in my draft. I'd rather present all week instead of doing the whole plan and draft thing. To me...planning and drafting are hard to do. But writing freely is my passion. If you ask my to plan and draft something out I will honestly just stare at you point blank in the face.

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  1. if it helps, I could bring you up to speed on what we did in class, basically we went over the speech we're supposed to be preparing.

    she checked all of our drafts to make sure we didn't miss anything & to make corrections if needed.

    our lesson 2 was bout (Periods, Exclamations & Question marks) it was an 18 question quiz that I'm sure YOU will pass


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