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Thursday, August 30, 2012


I'm just liking writing class every time we attend it, still learning new things every time I go.

The test we took seemed somewhat easy, i got a 5/18 I guess that's an alright grade on my part, But I'm sure I can only get better at these tests.

I have to admit, That i didn't do my draft for our speech that is due next Wednesday.

So I just rushed through the draft & apparently I did pretty good, all I need is an attention getter for the start of my draft, not sure how I'm gonna make that possibly, But I'll give it a try.

All in all, I am excited for this speech, I've never done on & I'm sure I can do an alright job.

Reason why I chose this picture is because I thought it was cool & This particular picture has been deleted from a lot of sites, they were on a Miata cruise & this guy also known as 'PedoBear'
 decided to cruise under an 18 Wheeler.


  1. I admit I missed one day of writing class and I'm swamped with homework. Hearing that you guys had a test I am extremely terrified. Sounds like you have doubts. Don't doubt yourself. I think your grade will come out fairly. Wish me luck as I try to catch up and take my test/quiz. Whew!

    1. I'm sure that you're gonna catch up.
      You're swamped in HW for this class or other classes?
      I think I have you for math as well, not sure.

      But yeah, I'm sure anyone of us could help you if you're falling behind, we had the presentations at room 400 today at 12, i didn't know & now that counts as an absent, misunderstandings with teachers WILL make you fail, it's horrible.


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