1. Must Blog for each class session.

2. Must be a minimum of five complete sentences.

3. Must have correct spelling and punctuation.

4. Must attach a photo that resonates your Blog post.

5. Must comment to at least one of your classmates Blog post.


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

August 22 2012

Yay it works! thank you MCV for at least fixing it before home. thank god! ai adai and I was so worried that I wasn't gonna be able to blog or get to put a picture on my blog. Anyways today in class he had to do a Quiz and  pretest, I don't think I did so well but that's why I'm in this class and I know at the end of this semester I will be better at writing and understanding everything their is to know at it.

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  1. I agree, at the end of the semester, we'll know more.


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