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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jingle Bell Rock ;)

Well today was a short day of lessons, poems, & projects. First as always, we are required to do a Lesson Quiz on a daily basis. It went pretty well and had only about two errors out of a total of 20 problems. Next we went over the "Multiple Voice" poem. This was a poem that included 3-4 members in a group to come up with a poem that required all participants to present their poems in a sequential format, I think. Our group decided to do the famous Christmas song, "Jingle Bell Rock" and turn into a Multiple Voice Poem and will be ready to present in a week or two. Finally, Mrs. Q, our wonderful teacher, gave the class a project that required us to go on "YouTube"  and find 3 poems that we have to Blog about. So until Wednesday, I will be talking more about it. Later.

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