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Tuesday, October 9, 2012


Well today was a day where most of the students had the opportunity to do make-up work and make up those awful grades. I did what I could and finished only one lesson I think, but before any of the make-up started happening, we had to do another lesson and I didn't do pretty well, I was disappointed. All that can be made for, I hope. Out of every assignment, our 1st essay was due and majority of the students hadn't complete their work, so our wonderful teacher of ours gave us until next Monday to turn them in. She's the best! I got to stop procrastinating and start doing my work on time.


  1. - First off, sorry we took you and Jordan's seats! Secondly, I know how you feel about Mrs. Quichocho being the best! And finally,I need to stop procrastinating, too! (:

  2. Its okay, no biggie. Why did you guys decide to sit back there anyway?


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