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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Mrs.Quichocho! LETTER IS FINISHED! ^-^

You can edit this all you want. Make changes if needed. True story.

Dear Abby,
        My boyfriend and I have been together for 3-4 months. We love each other dearly and we are ready to settle down. Recently, his parents kicked him out of his house and he had to live with his uncle. One day to his surprise, his mother was there at his uncle's house waiting for him. She had asked and begged him to come back home, but he didn't want to. He told her he was better off living on his own.
        Now that he was doing good on his own, his father told his uncle not to let him stay there anymore. He has a couple of days to find a place before he is officially on his own again. I suggested to him that he could stay with me but he feels it would be a burden. Of course, it won't be a burden because I love him and it would kill me to see him struggle. He asked me one question that I thought I could lie to him about, but I couldn't. I ended up telling him the truth.
         He had asked me..."Did any of your ex-boyfriends live with you?" I was shocked to hear him ask such a question. I answered yes, because they've gotten kicked out and had nowhere to go. So, I took them in till they found a place or moved back home. He appreciated the fact I told the truth, but chose to live with me as a last resort.
         I know I should take that as a good thing but...he asked me to move out and live with him. He said he's ready to live with me. His words "I wouldn't be asking if I wasn't ready. I want to settle down with you. I love you." I don't know if I, myself, am ready to move in with him. I love him but...I'm scared. Do you think I should move in with him? Is choosing to live with me as a last resort a good thing because he wants to do things on his own first? Is us living together a good choice? Please help.

                                                                                        Sincerely, All Info, But No Answers.

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  1. Wow! I am think I'm going to start my own right now. Nice Blog ;)


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