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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

class 09/05/12

Today i presented my first speech. '' its in the bag.'' I was well prepared and i personally felt that i did outstanding.Not to sound conceited or anything.Everything i said in my speech spoke alot , about me. I hope that the class got to see that i have a soft side and im very understanding and considerate of everything that appears in life. Especially in my own life. This is why writing is fun,we learn about eachother.We also help eachother grow.


  1. I enjoyed your presentation, it was very interesting.

  2. I enjoyed your presentation, it was very interesting.

  3. I enjoyed your speech as well, Can't wait for Monday when our other classmates present theirs

  4. Hey Jae, great speech! It's cool to see how far we've came. I remember back in the days when we were still getting into trouble and stuff! HAHA! Good times good times. Well see you in class.


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