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Wednesday, September 12, 2012


  Tonight in class, we wrapped up our first speech assignment. I was hoping that we'd be done with speeches for a while, but I was mistaken. We have to do a show and tell presentation, or a partner interview. I prefer the interview, only because what you need to present is already there and all I would have to do is write it like a speech. I'm not saying it's easy, but I feel more comfortable doing the partner interview than the show and tell. I decided I was going to interview Chantal, Chantal is going to interview Daunelle, and Daunelle would interview me. I hope I do better than my first presentation, only because we got off easy.

I chose this picture because I did this when i found out we had another speech to present ! (:

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  1. I thought we'd be finish with the speeches for awhile as well, but I was wrong just like you. I hope you do well on your interview speech, but you should put yourself through a challenge! Well, good luck and see you later.


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