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Thursday, September 13, 2012

9/12/2012 & Question

I forgot to mention in my "9/10/2012" blog, that I didn't post a blog because I was having internet issues that just got resolved today.

Wednesday night class, we took our lesson on Complete Sentences & Fragments & Run on sentences.

Although I was terrible at it, I got a 14/20 i think that's a 70%

When we were first introduced to speech 2, i thought it would be the same, so I was writing speech 2 as how I wrote speech 1, I was wrong. I needed to make it seem like a legitimate story, at first it seemed impossible, but then as soon as I started writing it got easier & easier.

I must say, I'm excited for this speech.

Does anyone here know when we are presenting?

Monday or Wednesday?

once again, random pictures that have nothing to do with blogging.

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  1. - we present next class; if anything it's on the paper Mrs. Q gave us on the assignments and due dates. (:


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