1. Must Blog for each class session.

2. Must be a minimum of five complete sentences.

3. Must have correct spelling and punctuation.

4. Must attach a photo that resonates your Blog post.

5. Must comment to at least one of your classmates Blog post.


Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Monday Night Class

I'm anticipating the day when we have to write new poems, and I hope that on that day we all do very well.

Monday night class went by really quickly, it felt like I was there for 20 minutes.

I enjoyed the poems that were spoken by three of my classmates.

I need to re-do lesson 3 to get a passing grade in the class, I find it weird that out of all the work we've done, one lesson can either make us fail or pass.

I hope I can do this, I hard a hard time with lesson 3 the first time, run on sentences, fragments, and complete sentences.

This picture represents my old Airsoft/Gaming/Car group/Spearfishing
Team SiC

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