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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

final speech

                                           Hi my name is kayalani Benavente
Today i will like to talk about what i learned this semester in writing class. First of all i learned how to spell more words i also learned how to make sentences using punctations and exclamation points. I have learned to write essays by writing the way i speak. I have learned to comprehend what i read with others and in groups. Taking this class has helped me to talk and listen more.

                   Narrative Poem
I have learned so many things this semester i have learned to use consonants more often in my sentences. And in this has made me have more self-confidence in myself and others. I have learned to amend the way i speak by taking this class. And now when i am reading a book or doing class work i fend because taking this class has taught me new things. Now i don't feel like a freak speaking in front of a huge crowd. I have also learned to do eassy's on topics that i learned.

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