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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Writing Workshop EN 067-01

"Free speech carries with it some freedom to listen." -Bob Marley

       Writing Workshop is challenging, yet fun. I learned a lot in this writing class. My teacher, Mrs. Q., is a great teacher. She taught me many useful things that I'm going to need in life. She taught me how to create a speech, write an essay, and write different types of poetry. Therefore, Writing Workshop is challenging, but can be fun.

       First, Writing Workshop class taught me how to create a speech. Writing a speech is similar to writing an essay, just a bit simpler. So forth, I had to write and present a speech about my bag and three things in my bag. The whole point of the assignment was to tell the class a little bit about myself. Later, Writing Workshop taught me how to write an essay within sixty minutes. Writing an essay is easy if you follow the steps, brainstorm and start your outline. Writing Workshop class taught me how to create a speech and write an essay with ease.

It Isn't Traditional

Is it poetry?
Is it a narrative?
Is it part haiku,
With a dose of prose?
Who knows?
Is it what it should be?
And is it possible what should be,
Isn't and has never been.
And those wishing to see it,
Expressed properly as intended..
Have not a clue,
What those initial intentions meant.
Was it created to communicate,
Between elitists who preferred eating cake?
As they delighted in making fun,
Of the ones too socially powerful.
To know what behind their backs was being done?
Who knows?

Why is it today,
Anyone can say...
To decide to justify,
What etiquette abides?
When one chooses a method,
Using limited words to mention.

What from their own minds,
They describe and 'they' themselves wish to define.

And it is...
And it is...
A narrative.
And it is...
A dose of prose.
With a touch of haiku.
With a doing done as one would choose.

'But it isn't traditional.'

And what are those traditions,
You can say today,
Remains as an influence.
And 'still' exists?
Name just one!

- Lawrence S. Pertillar

       Finally, Writing Workshop taught me how to create and present a speech, write an essay, and write different types of poetry. Writing Workshop is fun and can be challenging. If you take this class, I'll guarantee you'll learn a lot. Now, thank you for listening. Have a great night and an awesome break!

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