1. Must Blog for each class session.

2. Must be a minimum of five complete sentences.

3. Must have correct spelling and punctuation.

4. Must attach a photo that resonates your Blog post.

5. Must comment to at least one of your classmates Blog post.


Thursday, November 8, 2012

Last nights class went by pretty fast.I showed up to class like an hour early with 2 other of my classmates, so we got to do lessons 17 and 18.It took me awhile because I had to write the sentences for one of the lessons.When I was done with my lesson, Juliana, Daunelle, and I, went outside to practice our multiple voice poem.It was hilarious!!We were also told that we could leave class 30 minutes early after this class for field research ;) But all in all...Class was good last night.

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