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Friday, November 2, 2012

Youtube Links

Brave New Voices Team Guahan

     This is my favorite because it relates to our generation. I like what they had to say about relationships because most, if not all, of what they spoke were true. 

     I figured these two could be considered local artists. I like this poem because they talk about Guam's history. They talked about the some of the history of Guam with the Spanish. They stated how they joined to get their (Guam) message out there so it can be heard.

     I liked this multiple voices poem because they talked about the military build up. About how Japan has been fighting to get rid of military bases that the United States are going to build on Guam. They also talk about how Uncle Sam contradicts himself and how he plans on putting a shooting range on ancestral land. "How do you expect to preserve beauty with brutality?"

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